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Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog 67: Versions of the Truth (Version 15)

There are plenty of conspiracy theories about. Ideas about how power really works and who holds it behind the curtains. They don’t know so they have to guess. They get so close sometimes and at others they are hilariously wrong. They don’t have the perspective to see the world as it is. They are ants trying to appreciate the world as an eagle above might see it. There too many obstructions, too much just out of sight. They could never appreciate the scale of the truth. I find it hard to fathom myself, and its my job to keep track of this stuff. It is my job to keep humanity in check.
The year is 2011, most of the world think that they know how far technology has advanced. They have no idea, they can’t see the hold it has over them or comprehend the ways it could change their life.
My organisation owns equipment that far exceeds the current perception of development because the technology is not of this time. Nor am I, I am here to maintain the Consequence Prophet and act upon its predictions. The Consequence Prophet determines the outcome of an action by displaying news articles that can be traced forwards or backwards through time. It’s like I have a free subscription and access to every edition at once. By these means patterns can be traced and the consequences of an action reasoned.
It’s use is governed by strict rules which I follow to the letter as best I can but still it seems I have made a mistake. Tracking ahead now there is no mention of my city Keres Karma. It should be founded in the year 2420 by Keres Vesta. There is no mention. Something is very wrong. We have articles by name that are accurate to the date and by the right name but they bear no mention of the great political and pacifist leader uniting two great cities as she gained governance over her new nation. It should be the toast of the world, a beacon of peace in a war torn world. No mention is made, not of the woman or her creation. I tried to trace her back to childhood through old records. We know all we would need to about her, we made her, her life moved by our actions, her mind moulded as she became the woman we needed. Her life is a testament to the many who strived for peace, for hope and would not wait for it.
Time works hand in hand with contradiction, every choice alters the path but every different path is taken, the term alternate universe explains roughly the concept involved. All that’s really involved is circumstance maintenance. But this brings with it larger considerations, if you have a formula that works do you risk trying something else in the hope of an even greater outcome? We thought so.
Keres Vesta’s father was inspired to become a leader of the pacifist movement following the slaughter of his family at the hands of a militia who opposed his parents political views. Raised with a strong moral conviction and the intellect to serve it Maris Kalkin gathered power and esteem in little time and great measure. The problem with the story is that it starts with tragedy, a tragedy that we could prevent. The origins of the radical and militant movement that killed Kalkin’s family were traced to it’s founder Ares Kali. Kali was always considered a necessary evil. He was the darkness that begot the light. We thought differently, we could prevent his reign of hatred and prevent the deaths of his hundreds of victims leaving decades to make Maris Kalkin as worthy an inspiration for his daughter as before, minus the death and depression. Maybe we were wrong. We have been working with endless combinations of circumstance to inspire Kalkin’s father but to no avail. Perhaps heroes must be made by monsters.
Is it human rebellion that says great love must come from suffering. Is it apathy that prevents us walking away from pain we do not know? Are we just curious, do we have an emotional tick list to fill from the spectrum?
What now for Keres Karma? We are working round the clock to restore it’s circumstance by any means to no avail, can we forge an alternate that shines as brightly or would we bring about a dystopia to make Nazi Germany look like a holiday resort?
It’s times like this that make me question the integrity of the thinking behind our practice, without our manipulation the eventual formation of Keres Karma was almost certainly more likely. The bungling of our childlike manipulation using the Consequence Prophet is the only probable cause of Keres Karma’s lost likelihood. Now we are stuck tripping over ourselves trying to get it back and possibly making matters worse. Perhaps a resignation to fate is in order. The consequences of our actions have cost the future its greatest beacon of hope. Time being infinite some civilisation of the sort may arise later despite us for we can only trace the future so far depending on alterations made in the present.
For now we have set ourselves to forging a new hero without adversity. If nothing else this is a worthy cause. We shall sculpt the life of a great new hope. They will create the utopia we killed before conception. This will be the aim at least.

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