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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Blog 49: Conspiratorial Illusion

People have many vast, complicated theories that connect various mistakes of those in any seat of power to a vast web of lies. Know thyself. Are we that organised? Do you know, truly, where you’re going with your life? I don’t, probably never will. We can all convince ourselves afterwards that everything was entirely preconceived and intentional, that each of our actions are carefully planned and with full attention to detail come to pass exactly as we expected. Is there any greater lie? Life is chaos. To claim any measure of control over the endless streams of influence that tug at us is delusional at best. We are all reactive more than contemplative. We live from one day to the next and the more we plan and prepare ourselves the more the present slips away from us.

There are no conspiracies, just people fucking up and covering their arses. Why face the consequences of any action that can be hidden. That’s all it takes from those in power, a few words to clean it all up so their heads don’t roll. One hand washes the other in desperation as the judges look at palms absent of the stains that should tattoo them. How often have you told a lie, however little, just to avoid facing a consequence. It is human nature, a survival instinct. Lies are everywhere in nature. Herbivores wear the robes of poisonous predators to supplement their weakness. Fragility is another goal we tell ourselves we’re aiming for as we walk in another direction. We’re not born to die, not built to go out quietly. It is instinctive to conceal our failings. It’s just part of being human. There’s nothing so dishonest as claiming intention after the fact and nothing so blind as seeing it in wolves trying to tell themselves they’re sheep.

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