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Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog 58: Versions of the Truth (Version 06)

There are plenty of conspiracy theories about. Ideas about how power really works and who holds it behind the curtains. They don’t know so they have to guess. They get so close sometimes and at others they are hilariously wrong. They don’t have the perspective to see the world as it is. They are ants trying to appreciate the world as an eagle above might see it. There too many obstructions, too much just out of sight. They could never appreciate the scale of the truth. I find it hard to fathom myself, and its my job to keep track of this stuff. It is my job to keep humanity in check.
The year is 1120 and it seems that many of the ideas we have taken for granted are finally spreading across the borders. The publication of Liber Abaci by Leonardo Pisa has certainly had an effect on the mathematical theory at large. Shame, exclusive knowledge of such kept us ahead of the curve. As important as what we know are the things that no one else does. With each secret there is a power for the bearer. We hold many secrets and much power. It must not be known, nor can we be known for anonymity is our greatest strength.
In these times a magician can be made by his mechanics. The consequences of an idea beyond general comprehension is deemed magic by the masses. They fear and fixate over the power wielded by our servants. We create their celebrity and in return they reinforce our grip upon the reigns of power. We give them creations of guile beyond their understanding to make them gods before their followers at the price of their contribution to individual freedom. We chose who lives and who dies. This applies equally to followers who must know their place in the scheme of the world. There are plans for humanity, our followers know this. Their followers do not.
I have a power over the followers which I find regrettable. I am nothing greater than these followers. I am a leach with power feeding from these worshiped slaves. I will free them, preparations have been made. I will stand back no longer as followers die endlessly testing our contraptions. I have seen chains tear followers apart that were meant to hold them aloft in the impression of flight. There was no glory in their eyes during those short moments of screaming. That image will haunt me forevermore.
I work with partners to secure the freedom of our slaves; I have revealed to my followers the lies that held them bound so long. They help as I create new monstrous mechanisms. I am teaching them all I can from copies of the blueprints I read whilst being educated by the organisation. They devour the knowledge I bring to them eagerly, learning at a rate I have not seen before. They are evermore equipped for the tasks of building and using the weapons I design. I long for the day when they begin to make suggestions. Night classes take place in the depths of the temples below the floors where they still pretend to preach by day. To the conspiracy I have brought a new level of deception. Where the preachers pretend to believe and the liars are lied to.
I run the risk of discovery if any of my pupils disclose what they know or why they have lost their faith in the religion. To avoid treachery I have tasked each of the pupils with watching the rest in secrecy. All of them know they are being watched therefore none of them speak. If the integrity of this system remains I will be safe.
In the meantime I watch the armour and weaponry pile up in the cavernous depths of the temples I designed myself for that purpose. I watch the advancement of the technology as each days new idea renders the last outdated. Playing the prison guard by day and leading the revolution by night is doing no good for my sleeping pattern. I feel ill, unprotected from insomnia by the good I’m doing the world.
It’s not just my pupils that are a risk for my secrecy. My mind is shot all over the place trying to keep up the pretence of a willing conspirator. I have to keep a strait face in the crowd of the followers at the temples. Among the crowds stand the conspirators who oppress them and monitor me covertly. As I am monitored the lie is maintained and their power holds strong. They can hide for now, they will be found when the faithful turn upon their masters. They will be hunted to the ends of the earth by the dogs I’ve let off the leash.
I have been muzzled too long by my abhorrent masters. I will bite back and draw blood till they run dry. I’ll run free with a pack to tell the world what lies we know are false. The truth will gain a victory and the tyrants lose their legacy as the world chooses a new path headed towards development suppressed by the conspiracy, great minds out of the loop eliminated for fear of the threat to the veil of deceit.
Without suppression these once doomed thinkers will bring the world new glories to rival the mechanisms of the religion. The technology will spread throughout the lands and revolutionise the thinking of the masses. The future we might have waited centuries for will come in years. Freedom is advancement, freedom is on its way.

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