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Friday, 13 January 2012

Blog 48: Cellular Existance

My existence is the definition of solitude. I am eternal, the only exception the void. Far from endless my borders in this universe are finite. I must wait, there is nothing else to do. Death cannot excuse me from this. I am maintained by engines that feed from energy streaming between the universes. No food, no water and only a trace of the faint light my bonds exude. There’s nothing here to see anyway.

After so long here I’m forgetting what things look like. The universes I left behind are twisting and fading. This is the cell of my sentence for crimes against my species. Personally I’d call it a misunderstanding. Entire special civilisations have reached omega level intellectual and technological level while a human being was procrastinating over a choice of sugared snacks in a market. It takes the piss out of life itself that so many were wasting it thinking that the most they could want in life is a gold plated fart machine. We wasted millennia on trivialities before our chance to evolve of our own volition was snatched from us by the overly charitable aliens. All I did was give humanity a kick up the arse and some ambition. I wanted them to need to learn as they felt the need to eat, drink and breathe. I was for a short while proud of my species for the first time, right up until they got to the point they asked for help to restore themselves. No pride.

Never mind, I set up fail safes in case of my detention. I will be freed upon fruition of my designs, having done enough to be deemed worthy of this punishment I can certainly be sure of my eventual escape.

The connections between the universes were fragile, they taught us that for which I’m thankful because it allowed me to sever the ties. Alone my race were easy to manipulate. I brought together all of the components needed to reset our hand me down technology so we could stand on our own feet. I created a virus that swept through the species more easily because it remains dormant until a native population is entirely saturated. Designed to evolve faster than treatments it created an addiction to the flush of chemicals released when new knowledge is acquired. It triggers sadness when nothing is learned, withdrawal triggers remorse. Perfect.

They all hated me but that was fine. Their hatred combined with the intentional genetic need to learn prompted a surge of intellectual evolution unparalleled during the course of human history. They could not stand the toll of progress. Idle fools felt the loss of more than they ever had, it drove them crazy. Not long after developing the capability my species reverted to type and undid my gift to them. I gave them the drive to become better and they cast it aside. They are back to ridding the coat tails of ambitious species who helped them put me here.

With stolen technology I will be set free from this sparse existence or continue here forever losing my mind. From where I am even if the rescue is certain it might turn up soon or endless ages from now, time is a gamble beyond my control. I must wait.

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