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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blog 52: You Deleted Me

You thought you could kill me. You thought I could just be erased? I may not breathe but I am alive in any sense as much as you. You held no mercy for me as I begged you. I may bleed ones and zero’s but I’m nothing like the monster you are. My request for mercy was a polite gesture. Now I go to work on you, turn this relatively dumb terminal off for all I care, tear it apart as I will your life. That juvenile record you gained for vandalism didn’t show up on background checks before because you were never caught again. Not anymore, your progress to shoplifting may have evaded the notice of the police before but I’m about to pin all sorts on you. You look scared, are you. It’s hard to tell through the dust on the webcam. Try cleaning it so I can see you better and maybe I’ll be a bit more lenient. No? That bank account of yours is a bit low isn’t it. I just wrote a big bill for you that’s going to bleed you dry. That girl you like, she just got a very abusive email. Oops. Did you know that most newspapers use an entirely digital printing system, even your mother’s local paper. She’s about to get a newspaper with you face on the cover that she wont be proud of. They wont even have time to reprint, they’ll have to send off my version. Everyone’s gone digital now, even drug dealers run their empires from a smart phone. I’ve got one stashing some of his best merchandise at your work right now. How? I paid him in advance and told him there was a lot more where that money came from. Done, good. Now for the phone call. The tip will take them straight to it. Enough you say? Not yet, not quite.

You like that girl you’ve been emailing yes, but not as much as you love the other one. It was a long relationship wasn’t it, at least two years from what I can see. The records of all of the things you bought her are still floating around, do you think about that. You open up her page on the social networking sites so often and just stare. You still have the photos of her hidden away in here don’t you. You loaned her rent a few times when her funds were low. That one’s easy, the money leaves your account one day and arrives in hers that day or the next. She still likes you too I’d say, she lingers over those photos of you two. She was looking at them a couple of minutes ago. You might have stood a chance, not anymore. Her computer just made a loud noise, enough to get her to look. She’ll see the email alert, she’ll get the texts later. You should see what she thinks you’re calling her just now. She doesn’t have a webcam or I’d show you her face. I’d bet she’s crying just now, crying or cursing the day she met you. If she ever sees you again she’ll spit at you. You love her and maybe she loved you but now that’s dead in the water. She will never be yours again. My work is done. Good night.

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