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Monday, 9 January 2012

Blog 44: Hopeful Lies

Hopeful lies fill the galleries now. Forgeries were frowned upon in the past but now are seen to many as a wishful growth of the works of artistic pioneers. There were always untested plans and sketches for paintings that never came to be. The commissions are quiet, not spoken of publicly. Forgers work in the name of their heroes and broaden the portfolio’s of long gone masters. Da Vinci’s lost works are discovered monthly alongside sketchbooks and notes. The Mona Lisa is a commonly forged item as well after being stolen and no doubt flown to a new colony world. The stupid thing is no one ever gets the scale right, I saw one a few months ago that was not much larger than A5. Ridiculous. It’s touching sometimes to think that maybe some of the new works are the genuine article. They could be. I work to create new sculptures from Egypt just now. From photos of broken antiques and stolen heirlooms I draw inspiration. I’m considering a collaborative project to recreate the tomb of King Tut. It would take years but I’ve got that and it would be a wonderful opportunity to network with hundreds of other forgers. The pay should be well worth the time at least and from what I’ve seen the world we’re working on has four moons visible from the surface which will definitely work with the aesthetic of the pyramid. I might have enough money by the end of the project to buy myself a carbon corruption system meaning my works will fool even carbon dating. I could be the ultimate forger, it all just takes time.

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