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Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog 65: Versions of the Truth (Version 13)

There are plenty of conspiracy theories about. Ideas about how power really works and who holds it behind the curtains. They don’t know so they have to guess. They get so close sometimes and at others they are hilariously wrong. They don’t have the perspective to see the world as it is. They are ants trying to appreciate the world as an eagle above might see it. There too many obstructions, too much just out of sight. They could never appreciate the scale of the truth. I find it hard to fathom myself, and its my job to keep track of this stuff. It is my job to keep humanity in check.
The year is 2011, most of the world think that they know how far technology has advanced. They have no idea, they can’t see the hold it has over them or comprehend the ways it could change their life.
My organisation owns equipment that far exceeds the current perception of development because we don’t want the public to know about it and if we don’t want you to know something you forget it. We can make you forget anything. It was possible over time with radio to do the same thing but took infinitely longer. With television and the internet we can spread deletion broadcasts faster and more effectively than ever before. Therefore our influence has grown exponentially. This isn’t quite mind control but has applications far exceeding it. We can erase people from the collective consciousness as if they were never born. They wander, dazed in a world that remembers as little about them as they do. They should have known not to get in our way but they don’t even know we exist, and never will. I have to wonder at times if we have ever wiped away our own conspirators. Those who had outlived their purpose might have posed too much of a risk to the collective and its interests. It would be too easy. We live in a state of constant paranoia because we know just how easily a life can be taken. You don’t have to kill the person, you don’t need to hurt them. If neither they nor any other knows who they were then they are as good as dead, their life cancelled without consequence, which is the point.
I will not follow, too far up in rank. Hidden too deeply in the shroud of obscurity to which the power flows. I know names and faces and despite this I remain. I could be erased, forgotten by the world. Who knows, maybe I would prefer the ignorance, the inconsequential existence. The only other people in the world with the ability to alter perceived reality as much I can are the other workers within the organisation. It’s a tremendous responsibility and such a rush. I could tell the world that the moon was giant coin floating in the sky and they would believe it.
The organisation is the only barred door between any of it’s workers making themselves a god. Consider it for a moment; Unlimited alteration of public belief.
The possibilities are numerous and enough to give me a dizzy headache. I spend my nights dreaming sometimes about what I would do as the sole possessor of such power. Would I end the wars of the world? Probably not, too entertaining. I could write my name across the face of the earth with nuclear blasts to be seen from space. I could tear down mountains using the human population as my slaves. I could bridge the oceans I have never seen using men and women I will never know. The great wall of China ordered by Qin Shi Huang and built by thousands slaves. These slaves were captured during his many conquests during the period in which he unified China and became it’s first Emperor in 221BC. Legend tells us that some thousands of these slaves of war were buried in the foundations of the wall as a warning to any that defied the Emperor. The same cruel efficiency was shown during the period of book burning when he ordered unsanctioned texts to be burnt and those in possession of them to be buried alive. By this means he hoped to both accelerate the acceptance of his preferred system of writing and avoid comparisons between life under his rule and beforehand.
I could usefully bend these tactics to my own ends; making myself ruler of the world and erasing all memory of the time before my reign. There would be no past for comparison, no end in sight for my empire of ignorance. I could deprive my minions of the will to oppose authority, I have no doubt in that possibility.
Of course I could as easily be a good guy, I could tell all those who have ever committed murder to throw themselves off a cliff but then I might as easily find myself a the bottom of a precipice. Who is to say how I define my actions subconsciously.
If I never fulfil my dreams of omnipotence then I might at least put an end to apathy. I hate nothing more than listening to moaning morons who wasted opportunities because of doubt or distraction. Think of what the world could be without self doubt. I don’t mean arrogance instead, just the calm acceptance of our potential and the will to grasp it. Maybe I’m a hypocrite, fear of retaliation is the only barrier between my current life and my dominion over all life. Why do I fear so slight a thing as death when I could rule the world at the press of a button. Why wait? I have only a life to lose and the world to gain. Carpe Diem. This may one day be the last hint that I was ever anything less than transcendent.
For now I leave you, future god or perhaps a yet to be forgotten victim of opportunity. Seize the day.

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