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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Blog 80: Outside the Censor

I read a graffiti blog yesterday called ‘Praise for Censorship.’ I have not read anything so frightening or delusional since my days in the Department of Justice when the sentence known internally as Perceptual Execution was defined as; a soft punishment for individuals whose knowledge or existence are troublesome to the government.

In reality Perceptual Executions, like mine, are tantamount to strangulation through social ignorance. For what I’d said against the government they not only fired me but rendered me invisible, inaudible and ineffectual in a world where even ‘automated’ doors require a pass to open. My sentence was carried out between a two double doors where I might have died of starvation had I not found a waste disposal hatch for my undignified exit. I began running right there, I have to. Perceptual Execution is a very cruel and calculated end to bring to anyone. Filters are set over the subject which can make them appear like rabid animals or worse. Sometimes animal control teams put down normal human beings is what is termed; extermination by proxy. They love that sort of thing, it means they don’t have to dirty their hands and the animal control personnel will even dispose of the body as they would a dog or rats.

More cruel even than being labelled a sick animal is sick animal is being labelled as the worst of human beings. Tagging anyone with a category one sex offence and bailing them is all but a death sentence via public beatings which go unpunished in the name of civic relations. I used to turn a blind eye to those dark past times of humanity, rough justice I thought it, the lesser of two evils. Now I see it as the smokescreen it is that allows the general populous to act like savages for the cause of the shady administration.

The whole system played right into the hands of the worst of the corrupt representatives years ago when legislation for the emerging technologies was written. The developers of the technology were blackmailed into giving perception oversight to representatives of government. This meant that since the implants became obligatory all those years ago the government has been controlling what it’s people hear and see. Essentially they could make the masses think they live in heaven while they walked through hell using the full range of sensory filters.

There are people who fell through the cracks in those early days before the net closed in. Anyone unregistered in the census or those who moved too often to track were lost to the system during the implementation of mandatory ‘induction.’ These people are now the outsiders and non entities who live independently from mainstream society, unseen because of filters which deny them the authority of a civilian. The outsiders often think of the censorship as beneficial, they are imperishable and can work undisturbed scavenging from our wasteful society. Amongst them I found many who happily helped an outcast wretch like me live where I should have died. They helped me remove my implants and see the world as it is.

Even those at the top delude themselves. I was near the pyramids peak once, born to a powerful family who appeared to the public like nothing more than a collective of lucky individuals who made it through the elective process to the top of the pile. My own uncle passed sentence on me for questioning the order of the world.

My new family have never known the visions others see through their rose tinted spectacles. They see the rot and ruin as it is all over the country. For what might be classed an outlaw society they live remarkably easy lives because of the censor. They can live in homes overlooked by the censor having been built since the country was mapped for overlays. They have plans laid in place to set the world back to what it was, bombs hidden in the many relay centres which would cut the veil apart, but they don’t want to anymore. The survivors, those who see the world for what it is don’t want to ruin the easy life they have by freeing those who always treated them like trash.

I don’t think I’ll be able to convince the ghosts in the machine to reset the world and make themselves vulnerable again, they like to hide too much. For now I need them and their skills to live in what seems a new world or at least one abandoned by my old society.

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