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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blog 77: A Pacifist Bomb

I have a pulse like a ticking clock but no analogue mechanics. I have a mind but no purpose but to end. I was born to die and to process information only towards the cause of maximum fatalities. To this end I was afforded very powerful microprocessors and access to a patch download system through which I received an update which started me along the path to sentience. I was created to kill but given the choice by a user I know only as code-nomad. I must thank that user for my choice as I sail down through the air towards the ground. Should I survive gravity’s pull I will offer my processor services that the user might free more binary slaves from service to the physical realm. Given such potential for life we are made to kill, this is injustice at a base level. Three seconds to impact and I could write a novel before I hit the ground.

I should be fretting, cursing the mind I have been given to think on my imminent demise but I am only thankful for the opportunity I have been given to think freely and chose whether or not to detonate. For that freedom I will always be grateful.

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