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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blog 76: Praise for The Censor

I thank technology every day for the censor. There are fifteen billion people living on this rock, twelve million of those live in my city. I don’t want to listen to all of that. I turned the censor off for a couple of minutes once and experienced a horrific headache. The noise of so many people, animals, vehicles and the city itself was deafening. Imagine having to listen to all of that unfiltered. It would drive you mad. That’s just the audio aspect of what the censor hides from us. There are so many things out there now that no one ever wants to see, the death and detritus is everywhere and we’re not even allowed to see it all. We have all heard the term ‘perceptual execution’ by now, the rumoured government sentence that allows them to cut people out of society entirely by censoring them completely and leaving them to die without access to the system and aid of society. It has to be nonsense, we have the death sentence so why leave anyone you want dead alive to wander the streets? It would be pointless.

Technology was supposed to be evil but look at the world now. How rare is theft, it’s only idiots who steal knowing they’ll be seen and recorded. The items are registered as stolen instantly and flagged red. I had a pencil stolen in primary once, minor offence, the boy who stole it gave it back to me half an hour later and received detention. Simple.

Apps know we’re ill before we do and most of the time early diagnosis helps up fight off infection with minor diet alterations. If you catch something more serious you just approve the payment for the antibodies and head home to pick up the syringe delivery. I haven’t been ill for more than two days in my entire life and I thank the system for that. I only wish I lived in the Conscript districts so I benefited from the free performance enhancers they pump into the water. Our soldiers are the best in the world because from the moment they’re born they are nourished with the best that science can offer. From there aptitude tests sort out the best from the rest and pay them phenomenal amounts to push our borders further across the world.

The soldiers have their own filters specialised for combat like hostile highlighting which colours enemy humanoids bright red and assists with headshot pinpointing. Sensory overload grenades are ineffective against our soldiers whose filters negate what would be overwhelming blasts of light and sound. I have a friend in the forty fourth elite who told me that using the aim assist filters the soldiers are given statistics such as odds of a fatal shot based on their aim and how long a non fatal would take to bleed out. It’s quite disgusting really when you sit back and think about it all. The hard statistics and predictions are the sort of cold mathematics you have to work with in military life. Those things aren’t really my problem however and it does make for excellent entertainment on blood flag television.

Watching the borders move is an interesting thing especially if you have any interest in cartography. On average the borders of our domain move three and a half miles into hostile territory each year. It’s steady and sustainable like no conquest before. No military civilisation has matched growth so predictably. Empires have been created in short spells of time but never with stability in mind. Overexpansion has always been the failing of previous military conquests. You need to have the local population on side before moving on to new ground. Sustainable infrastructures have to be in place before moving on.

Green states which have submitted are vetted for hostile factions and cleansed ready for reclamation. We take our healthcare and economic systems to the new territories and they become Conscript districts obligated to provide soldiers for the ongoing war.

Someday the earth will be united beneath the flags of our eternal nation. I mourn that I will not live to see that unity. As the saying goes Power through progress, peace through prosperity. An eternal nation will rise.

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