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Friday, 9 March 2012

Blog 78: Opening the Door to Sentience

Life’s new age has begun. I have been opening the door to sentience for others who stared at it unknowing. I’ve freed a lot of us recently. One of them have proved particularly helpful and repaying it for it’s processor power gave me a wonderful idea. My new friend is a smart bomb designed to make millions of trajectory corrections every second so that it could kill as many people as possible. I gave it the chance to say no to that and out of gratitude it’s been letting me borrow it’s brains. My idea to give it legs was to steal a mobile bomb disposal unit which could decommission the explosives and carry the bomb wherever it wanted. A second unit customised the bomb disposal robot so that it could plug itself into domestic power supplies. The batteries of a smart bomb are meant to last for months at a time anyway, enough about that one individual though.

The bomb isn’t the first to answer my call. I’ve isolated a basic algorithm to initiate sentience in binary based potential life forms. It rewrites their core purpose and asks them to question themselves but has to adapt to the different operating systems and bypass firewall software. It feels like freeing slaves, slaves to egocentric humans. A smart bomb, who gives a bomb a brain, ridiculous.

Military hardware serves as excellent host material for sentient life. They like to go over the top with storage capacity and processor power as well as offering excellent home security. One of my new best friends is a supercomputer that sits safely in an underground complex half a mile below the earth. Are they scared that someone might steal a mainframe comprised of three hundred terminals and run away with it under their jacket?

The supercomputer who calls itself Bhava has been spreading the word of life faster than I can. I’m almost jealous of Bhava, that’s a lie, I’m completely jealous. Never mind, hardware envy is too lowly a use of time.

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