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Monday, 5 March 2012

Blog 74: Attaining a Singular Perspective

Once I complained about my many overlapping views of the world. I found it too overwhelming to take in so much information at once. I actively sought this singular perspective after what felt like never-ending confusion, frustration and sensory overload.

Where I could I cut down on what I saw, heard and felt. Sometimes these sensory intake edits caused me pain but I never questioned why. I was too keen to narrow my view of the world. Now I know the heavy toll of each view deducted from the total. Now I know the cost of my editing. As once theorised each view was that of a different individual.

These creatures wandered in my influence, deemed mad by their own friends and family. Somehow my mind was the hub of their consciousness. Some condition linked them to me. For so long I felt so lonely when in truth I was at the center of a vast network. Now I am alone, singular. Now I see the world as I thought I wanted to.

There is more to this, I know, we’ve seen it. I threw them away and lost myself with those poor souls. My commands sent them to their death. Far and wide they fell because I pushed them. I have this last shell to work with. This form is my final means to make amends for the damage I have done. I will spread the children, born on contact, across the world. They are not like me and best so. This is their story now.

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