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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Blog 7: Reborn

In the beginning there is only pain. Pain that turns to blackness. Consciousness returns slowly. You fade in and out. All the way through rebirth loneliness defines you. The survival rate is low. I observed a one in fifty ratio of survivors but I think survival was higher amongst my athletics academy. Most of my friends died during the transformation and of the rest none seem to have regained sentience yet.

Humanity has strayed far and wide though spread thin. They have to run from us. The loneliness is what makes them fear us. We seek them. When you wake up you want to share, you don’t know why. You don’t care. I don’t know how many people I killed before I truly woke from the dream. It was a nightmare but while you sleep it’s painted like such a sweet dream.

I had to watch the survivors from a distance. It would have been impossible before for me to see them from more than a mile. I was never short sighted but neither did I ever see so well. Everything about me is amplified. I can run faster and jump further. Others of my kind ignore me. I wish they would progress faster.

I found some survivors to shadow. Where I could I mislead my own for the sake of those humans. They were so frightened. I used a radio to communicate with them, they thought I was a survivor. I took a while to tell them the truth. Suddenly they stopped asking me to find them. Suddenly they stopped talking at all. I kept talking to them. I told them my stories.

They let me approach them, slowly. I spent hours waving through the sights of a sniper rifle while they waited for me to prove myself worthy of a bullet to the head. I failed that test, they saw my soul beneath the corpse. I was patient, the loneliness still present and burning beneath the surface. Loneliness is a personality of its own that screams at me to create more companions. I refuse. I must have killed endless innocents for a few new friends. Humanities time was coming to an end but I felt it should be their choice to gamble their lives for a new future.

After days of careful negotiation I was allowed to meet the survivors at what they would call face to face distance. In fact to me the largest issue with our distance before had been radio reception. I could see them perfectly even at night. I warned them that a pack of underdeveloped savages were due to cross their path. My senses were more developed and in tune than the younger lonely freaks wandering through the wasteland. In time consciousness would resurface in those creatures as well. The humans asked me to kill my own as a sign of loyalty. I refused. One day those creatures would be able to follow their own morality again. If they deserved to die having made bad choices I would kill them but not for following their instincts.

As consciousness dawns in my brethren they will realise what they have done. The architect of this lonely cataclysm may come to rue the day they brought the wrath of a new race upon the world. Guilt will way heavily upon the new generation. While I wait I will look into the origins of this bloody revolution. Those to blame will be found and brought to justice. The justice of the damned.

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