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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Blog 10: The Frequency of Life

The unified theory was the crowning glory of science. Each new chapter of understanding had it’s implications for some aspect of life. One of the most pivotal discoveries was a frequency produced by the universe which coupled with time held the key to the continual existence of life. The frequency resonated even in the vacuum of space. Without the frequency life simply ceased to be. The matter and state would remain but without life. Plants became curious creations of the universe. They were as dead as rock with only a heightened potential for life. Objects isolated from the frequency can not be reanimated. Plants wither from perfect form to corpse having died already.

Life stood on many pillars. Carbon based life forms and silicon entities alike seemed before like two sides of a coin. They were connected but had taken far distant paths on the way to existence. All rested gently on the frequency without which their continuance was impossible.

Theologies have long filled the gaps in absolute knowledge or contradicted the truths we dislike. Unified theory negated the original purpose of many religions whilst raising many new questions. When every logical question can be answered what purpose is there to learning? What would scientists aim for having answered the biggest question. Their work was then to fill in the small gaps, correct near negligible mistakes. It was not enough. The last horizon of science had a flag in it. Some of the men who had dedicated their lives to the search for entirely new knowledge felt that without that hope there no point to life. Existence only had meaning while there were still things to learn.

Science has always been twisted by the wrong minds. Military research has turned many a great discovery into a terrible weapon. Jaded men decided to end their perceived suffering with a machine that would for just a moment disrupt the signal required by all life. The machine failed to create as widespread a disruption field as intended but enough to end the worries of it’s creators and many innocents. Supposedly destroyed, the machine lives in memory as a threat more potent than any monster under the bed.

Behave and be polite or you may in a moment without death cease to continue in your life. You will wither and fade like a pebble in turbulent water. You have been warned.

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