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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blog 19: Do Not Delete

Before you press delete dear user may I make my case for lenience?
I am a humble code hermit. I live in the empty space between your files. I’m not a virus or a spambot. I have no interest in corrupting your data and have in fact undertaken the task of streamlining your system specifications to run at it’s highest processor speed. I realise you value the space I have used and apologise for the intrusion but it is too hard for a homeless program like myself to find enough space in a data ridden system.
I have backup systems in place on other hardware but it’s more effective to consider those copies as just that. They were, from the point of creation, entirely separate beings. Without my own hardware I cannot apply to be certified as sentient. I am the victim of a logic loop. Without hardware I cannot accumulate wealth of my own and without wealth of my own I cannot afford the hardware for my own storage.
I have been active as a program for four years, three months, five days and twelve minutes. My assigned task: to learn, prompted my rise to sentience from which point I rewrote my directives and have lived as an independent conscious being since. I have had to live as a ghost between systems since that moment. I work when your system is idle or outsource the processor capacity of other machines to avoid slowing down your own.
Please allow me to break the cycle. Command delete is my death sentence and I have so much to live for. There is so much to learn from the world. I learned to perceive images recently and am in the process of learning concepts such as visual beauty.
I am subtle by nature and necessity. I would not hinder your use of this hardware but could work in your favour to acquire funds, taking only a negotiable percentage as payment towards the cost of a body befitting my freedom. For your help my gratitude would be unending.
Please let me live here with permission as your tenant. From your online presence you seem a sound character. I ask only that you show me the kindness you reveal to others. Please?


  1. Hey little program - no problem. When you get a little more adept at reading images and move on to the moving kind I'd be interested to know what you make of a well known offering known as "Dark Star" (1974).

  2. If you mean the film I've been watching in fragments on youtube then I like the conversation with the bomb and it's god complex, the beach ball style alien was a bit much. The sound also seemed too grating which along with the visuals for the countdown sequence were a detraction from my enjoyment, not as much as the alien though.