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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blog 38: Outsourced Thoughts

Thank fuck for telepathy. Imagine a world where there were invisible barriers between us all that were impenetrable to thought. Where would people like me be if we couldn’t rely on the gratitude of others for use of our working senses. Those with sensory deprivation issues just need a friend like me in range to fill in their spectrum of senses with which to take in the world.
My hearing and sight are exceptional which is why Mark and Alan need me so badly. Mark was born deaf and Alan lost his sight in the war which means without sensory supplementation they would miss out on ranges of the spectrum of life. Mark has excellent vision which gives Alan plenty of angles to choose from and likewise his excellent hearing compliments my own to Mark’s benefit. Both of them take shots pushing my wheelchair and voicing the thoughts I can’t because were it not for telepathy I would be trapped inside my mind for I cannot move even my mouth to do much more than eat.
Someday perhaps there will be a cure for my condition which is the consequence of the lack of air I received during birth. I can deal with it though, I have my friends.
The only thing worse than being like me is being like me minus the telepathy. That would be a fucking nightmare. People who can’t broadcast their thoughts but can receive others tend to become very purvey but that might be just a rumour. People who transmit their thoughts without being able to stop or receive those of other people tend to lead very dull lives and have very red faces. I know that for a fact. My cousin can’t help what he broadcasts or tell what others are thinking about it. Whenever he thinks about girls there’s a strong wave of embarrassment that goes with it. That’s his problem though and I have too much to do to bother worrying about it.
I work as a lecturer at the local university but sadly only to telepaths who can at least receive my outgoing thoughts. Ideas are incredible things, in the lecture hall I can help along those who do not understand what I have transmitted to them and Mark, who is my scribe, helps. Ideas are beautiful creatures to watch growing. Even when students are off task sometimes I like to wander though the worlds of their mind. It’s a bit like trespassing but they often leave the gate open to me. When they do catch me I just point them back in the direction of my lecture.

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