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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blog 32: Dark Creation

I need no light to guide my sight
No confirmation makes me right
A growing force in every finger
Crushes foes and fools that linger
Not a single breath I draw
No vapours shall escape this maw
Darkness grows in depth as I in strength
And prowl the night at further length
My hands scrape the stars above
As existence begs to be my glove
Escape my fury some might hope
Others tie a noose in rope
And fear the call as I approach
Lacking every meal I poach
While they hunger I am stalking
My ears hear the weaklings talking
That I am no monster is the revelation
Just the worst result of their creation
The silver lice spread across my being
Accelerating everything I’m seeing
I shimmer and evolve
There’s no problem nanites can’t solve
I’ve forgotten what I was
And cannot see what this might cause
I’m something new from something old
And I no longer feel the cold
No pulse shakes my old heart
My rhythm is a beat to start
The firing of ideas in a mind
Behind which others fall behind
The moon is my torch to wander by
The blackened sky’s full blue eye
My genome is rewritten by fate
The cure just came to late
So still I wander growing stronger
The list of gifts grows ever longer
That’s the path I always take
Within the dream I shall not wake.

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