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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

109: The View of The Void

It watched ceaselessly for some company in the endless ebb of time. Some felt the gaze and looked back but never managed to find eye contact until Yusef Lee. Yusef stared up through the windscreen, through the night, through time and space to the bright mesmeric eyes and smile of The Void itself. Yusef saw the visage of existence, the mind that binds the darkness and the light. What the young man failed to see was the curve in the road which lead him straight to hospital.
  Comatose but content Yusef was carried off amongst the stars, leaving his body far behind. Thunderstorms amongst the gas clusters of distant galaxies fed the intrigue which held him in being and he did not look back until Yusef had forgotten his long distant source. At one with The Void, what had been Yusef became it's curiosity as it looked within itself. It was a journey of self discovery amongst all that is to be seen.

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