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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blog 108: Dead Good Records

Welcome to Dead Good Records where the great and gone are reborn in all of their lost vocal glory. Instead of cloning dead vocalists, which proved so disastrous, we now grow their vocal organs from recovered genetic material. The organs are then hooked up to maintenance systems to ensure  profit from the investment. The organs are then conditioned in a process we call ‘realising’ which subjects them to the necessary substances and stresses to produce the dead artists true sound. Thanks to our work the legacy of the deceased can continue to grow even in their absence allowing for previously impossible collaborations. The ethics of our work have been criticised but who could argue with the beauty and value of Somewhere South of the Surface, the collaborative album by Ian Curtis and Jeff Buckley. The Once and Future King by Elvis is the fastest selling album of the Century, that statistic says it all. Thank you for listening and as we say here, good music never dies.

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